Yasheera Dias

About Yasheera Dias

Yasheera started his apprenticeship under the tutelage of his elder brother Ruvinda Nirmal, a well-known and sort after tattoo artist himself, Nirmal passed on the knowledge, techniques and the secrets of his trade. During his apprenticeship, Yasheera worked day in and day out to master his craft and now with the guidance of his brother and grace of his god given skill has started his own tattoo studio.

How it all started, a lesson in history
Yasheera’s story didn’t start at a tattoo studio, it started years, generations before. Yasheera was born to family filled with artistic talent. Yasheera’s father, Gunendra Dias is one of the most skilled artist in the western coastline of the island and is still sort after for his gifts and skills. Thilak Dias, his uncle is a sort after bassist and can perform amazing feats of art with his four string. The rest of the family wasn’t far behind, from arts and crafts to music to pretty much anything creative was simply second in nature.

Yasheera was quick to own up to his skills, he inherited his father’s gift to draw, create works of art out of nothing but a pencil and piece of paper. He quickly became fond of his skill, which turned into a passion. Under the guidance of his brother Yasheera quickly developed his unique style and skill and today creates complex yet elegant pieces of art and he uses a tattoo machine and your body to paint on.

Why I chose Tattooing as a career
I was always fond of drawing, creating pieces that meant something for me. I wanted to keep the work that was important close to me and what better way to do that than to get inked. And as luck would have it my brother was a tattoo artist, perfecting his skill. After I got my first tattoo from him I started working on myself.

I started work under my brother and started to learn the ways, mostly because I know the feeling of wanting to tell a story, to be able to say what I really mean, express whats important and have the world see it. I have the ability to put words into pictures, I want to use that so that others can do the same, show their true self to the world.

What is important?
In terms of a tattoo, it is to think about what you want to say, how you would like to say it, how you want people to interpret it. I like to talk to my clients, figure out what they are trying to say and then I think about the best way to represent it. Some clients have an idea of what they want in terms of art, a style and so on, I try to take their story and show it through the art. I try to add value to the art using my skill.

I firmly believe in working hard to better my skill, tattooing is something that will never end, as a skill, as a work of art it continuously develops, evolves that’s the only way I will develop as an artist and become better. As an artist I always look for perfection in everything I do, and I know I will never find it, that’s the only way an artist can develop and become better at what I do, to look for perfection in everything we do without the slightest hope of finding it.

Signature work
I like to work on anything, pretty much anything that would allow me to test my skill. What gives me the most pleasure is to see the look on the face of my clients after the tattoo is done. The pure joy, the happiness in their faces is payment enough.

So I like to work on anything from Old School, New School, Maori, Tribal, Shading, Bio Mechanical, Lettering etc. Each piece of work has its own unique challenges and they provide the opportunity to connect with each of my clients in its unique way.